Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More about ArtWorks

ArtWorks is a Unique Training Opportunity

Prince Edward Learning Centre is about to start their third installment of the ArtWorks program. County residents are fortunate to have this unique training opportunity where students learn employability skills in a creative business setting; the ‘art of success in the workplace’.

“The art form we are learning for this installment is mosaics, but really, the students learn far more”, says Lori Farrington, Program Coordinator. “Mosaics are the catalyst that allows us to work as a team for the four weeks the program is running. Students learn about their learning and personality styles, the basics of business, employability skills, and Essential Skills. Students are encouraged and assisted in seeing how the content of the course can help them fulfill their own personal goals and dreams. “It’s not our intention to just teach people how to be mosaic artists, although if that’s what they decide, great”, says Farrington. “However, the majority of participants will most likely choose another career or educational path. The purpose of this program is to learn skills that are transferable to any job.”

The program is an intensive introduction to business. Within the first week, students decide on a charity they’d like to support and then work towards a sale of some kind in which the proceeds are donated to the charity. In the past, ArtWorks students have made donations of time and money to Prince Edward Community Care for Seniors, Quinte Conservation, and the Learning Centre Students’ Council. They will spend 30 hours at The Red Barns, learning how to mosaic and creating pieces of art. As a group, students will learn to plan a sale, market and price their products, advertise an event, etc. The proceeds from the sale are then donated to the chosen charity.

Alison Hale, after completing the first installment of ArtWorks, said, “The program helped me to strengthen all of my Essential Skills. These skills helped me to obtain employment. Because of the program, I am a valued team player.”

If you, or someone you know, is out of work or between jobs and looking to learn some business skills that will boost their resume and job performance, call PELC to book an appointment to learn more. The program runs November 8 – December 3, full days from
9:00am to 4:00pm. No artistic background is needed. The program is for people who want to learn employability skills in a creative business setting. Call Lori Farrington at 613-476-1811 for more information.

Prince Edward Learning Centre is a free adult training and literacy/basics skills agency. Aside from the ArtWorks program, they offer full-time and part-time classes and tutoring. They are located in the lower level of The Armoury on Main Street Picton. 613-476-1811

The Red Barns, located on White Chapel Road, offers weekend or full week workshops in fully equipped art studios. With many workshops to choose, individuals can create blown glass, woodcarvings, pottery, stained glass, paintings, iron art, quilting, and sculpture. Visit their website at or call 613-476-6808.

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