Monday, October 25, 2010

ArtWorks Program

The ArtWorks program is gearing up to start a new session. This time students will be learning the art of mosaics, while also learning business skills such as team work, time management, event planning, marketing, Essential Skills, and so much more!

The program runs for 4 weeks, and students will spend 2 weeks (half days) out at the Red Barns, learning from the artists, how to make these beautiful pieces. The rest of the time will be spend learning about business, learning styles, how to plan an event and market a product, how to price a product, and how to write press releases and advertise an event. Students will also learn about Essential Skills and how these skills can help assess what is needed in order to succeed in a chosen field of work.

It's a jam-packed 4 weeks!

If you are interested in joining ArtWorks, please call Lori Farrington, Program Coordinator (613) 476-1811.

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