Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What is PELC Student Council?
by Angela Hopf

The Student Council would like to invite all PELC Students to attend it's monthly meetings. The Student Council's purpose is to enhance students' time at Prince Edward Learning Centre. The Student Council, which has been running for 8 years, plans activities, field trips, and builds connections to the community.

PELC Students' Council Meeting Report
by Angela Hopf
September 2, 2010
Fall Plans

Attendance: 6 students and 4 staff

Agenda: Fundraising, Coffee Club, Christmas Door Decorating, Classroom Painting, Next Meeting.

Fundraising: We want to raise funds for our own activities. People said they liked going bowling and want to go again.

Coffee Club: Angela is now the chairperson of this committee. She is organizing people to bring in supplies and do the clean up.

Christmas Door Decoration: We want to do this contest again this year. This will be the 11th Annual contest to see who can decorate the best door. We need to invite all the agencies and businesses in the Armoury to participate. We need to start organizing this. We’II need to make a poster with the rules on it. We’II also need to find new judges since Ontario Works staff usually judge, but we’d like them to participate this year.

Classroom Painting: We raised almost $900 with Loonies for Literacy! The money is going to be used to paint the classroom. We need to choose colours. Pat is going to research this. We’II also ask Tamara.

Next Meeting: October 14, 2010. We’II be discussing the Christmas Parade, Fundraising, Coffee Club, Door Decorating, Classroom Painting, and other topics.

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