Thursday, September 16, 2010

Josiah's Art

Josiah Spafford lives in Picton, Ontario.
He is a student at Prince Edward Learning Centre.

Josiah loves art because it helps him express himself in creative ways. Josiah shared his art with our blog readers because he wants to connect with the County’s art community.


Pencil and Marker
A new life form emerges from a dragon, a crocodile, and a shark. I kept it a little abstract to show that transformation is not yet complete.

Leo Dragon
Pencil Crayon, Pencil, and Marker
I created a new creature from a lion, a dragon, and a salamander.

Elemental Leaf
Pastels, Markers, and Pencil
This piece represents earth, fire, and water in harmony. Each springs from the other.

Celestial Mayan God
Pencil, Marker
It started as a man’s face and it grew into a celestial vision.

Art Frenzy
Pencil, Marker
This was inspired with random thoughts within my imagination. It is Abstract art.

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