Thursday, April 7, 2011

In celebration of adult learning

Are you being celebrated without your even knowing it? If you have taken it upon yourself to learn something new by participating in training programs, workshops, discussions, or classes, then yes, you are being celebrated. Congratulations. Way to go!

This week, people all over the world are celebrating International Adult Learners’ Week. Officially launched by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2000, it is a week designed to honour adults all over the globe who are investing themselves in the hard work and dedication it takes to be an adult learner.

Prince Edward Learning Centre, in Picton, believes that adult learning is a powerful instrument for change and encourages everyone to take advantage of the multitude of learning opportunities in The County. All one has to do it open a paper, go on Facebook, call the Library, or even ask a friend and you’ll be inundated with all kinds of opportunities to learn something new such as French, Spanish, yoga, computers, social media topics, bridge, euchre, Wii bowling, knitting, swimming, skating, drawing, painting, writing, gardening, the list goes on and on. Some may cost, but a lot are free. Does someone do something you want to learn? Ask them if they’d teach you. Think about bartering – perhaps they’d love to be ‘paid’ with pie! There’s no better compliment than to tell someone that you like what they do and want to learn it too.

PELC offers many training opportunities, and with the exception of one, they are completely free. If you’re thinking of changing careers, looking for work, or starting college, then perhaps you need to refresh your skills. Maybe you never got around to finishing high school. Many PELC students study for the GED test in order to earn their diploma. Computer students of all ages fill the lab, learning everything from how to use a mouse to Microsoft Excel and Simply Accounting. If basic reading, writing, and math have been something that you’ve struggled with since you were a child, PELC can help. Perhaps you know what it is you want to do, but you’re a little afraid to take that first step. PELC has a wide variety of Essential Skills curricula that can help you learn the basics of jobs like Personal Support Worker, Skilled Trades Helper, Retail, Landscaper, Clerical, Grocery Store Staff, etc. The one workshop that costs money is the County Tourism Ambassador Training slated for May 27th. For $20, you’ll learn the ins and outs of customer service, as well as the importance of knowing The County as a way of offering exceptional service. It a great workshop for young people just entering the workforce, adults with limited customer service experience, or people who are currently working but who want to refresh their knowledge and passion for offering exceptional service.

Don’t stand in your own way. Choose to see everything as an opportunity to learn something new. Seek out new learning opportunities. You never know where it will lead you.

For more information about PELC and learning opportunities, call 613-476-1811

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